Residential Solar Solutions

It’s an easy process; first, our in-house engineering team calculates exactly what you need, then we assemble the finest solar components from local suppliers, finally our team of local installers adhere to the utmost in safety and quality to provide you with a top-tier installation.

Our local engineering team is here to walk you through the process and ensure your comfort with this energy-saving and cost-cutting technology … and we’ll be there if you need us, for any maintenance or repairs that may arise in the future. The same people who installed the system. Who would know the system better than us?

Energy generated by solar, is a worthwhile investment in this area. One of the main reasons is any excess power generated is either stored for future use, or channeled back into your utility power grid, resulting in a credit on your electric meter.

Quality is the main thing for which our customers value us. We strive for uncompromising quality of work. Our team of local experts will not compromise a quality installation for our neighbors

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Your Roof

Is it in direct sunlight? 

Does it have a pitch?

Are trees blocking part of it? 

Get a head start with Google’s Project Sunroof. Input your address to see how much sun hits your roof and estimate cost-savings.

Based on this project, 87% of buildings in Idaho are solar viable


Unlike that power bill, you’ll be paying each month to actually own your own energy system. Most systems break even in 5 – 15 years, depending on how fancy and intricate you want your system to be. It also ups the resale value.

Let’s talk about your solar needs and see how we can work together